Immerse yourself in the green heart of Italy

the Estate that embraces the Borgo Santa Cecilia extends for 320 hectares, 200 of woodland and 120 arable land, about a hundred of which are part of the Natura 2000 network, a system for protecting the environmental and landscape heritage, and constitute an ideal habitat for wild boar, roe deer, deer, hare, partridge, pheasant, woodcock and partridge. Due to its biodiversity, it is a unique landscape to visit in Gubbio.

Fidelity to the origins

Comfortable design

Borgo Santa Cecilia was born thanks to a conservative restoration of an ancient medieval village surrounded by the Umbrian countryside. The restoration has given rise to a sought-after union between fidelity to the origins, visible in the stone walls, in the exposed wooden beams of the ceiling and in the ancient doors, and the refinement of the interior design solutions that characterize the furniture, the dining room lunch and special attention to detail in all environments.

Spirituality and nature

The river, the cave and the Church

On the estate you can also visit the Church of Santa Cecilia (a finely restored and still working religious jewel), stroll to the river Mussino (a tributary of the Tiber), and bathe in the famous “cups”, rocky conformations that form natural pools with fresh river water, as well as visiting the cave of Santa Cecilia, a place of pilgrimage for thousands of faithful each year. A natural heritage of Umbria and the territory near Gubbio.


A welcoming and refined environment

Staying in Borgo Santa Cecilia doesn’t mean just relaxing in your bedroom. The large living room on the ground floor, with its bookcases and seating area where you can experience intimate moments with yourself, the dining room with fireplace and the relaxation area, are available to all guests, thus becoming the beating heart of the Borgo.

The cellar of Borgo

The room of our treasures

Inside the Borgo, in a room protected from the sun and heat, there is the most precious room of all: the one where we store our seasoned artisan salami, cheese and the finest bottles of wine.

It is a unique place, where the smell of smoked mixes with that of conservative molds, creating an atmosphere out of time.