Organic farming

The Borgo Santa Cecilia farm is located in the hills opposite Gubbio, at a height of about 650 meters. The land is bordered at the bottom by the river Mussino, a tributary of the Tiber and is surrounded by woods, ancient villages and cultivated fields.


An area of 104 hectares is used to cultivate cereals, fodder and olive trees following the rules of organic farming.


Part of the harvest, which includes wheat, spelled, barley, oats, chickpeas, lentils, peas, field beans and alfalfa, is used to feed pigs and lambs raised exclusively in the wild.

organic farm

The fruits of the harvest and the products deriving from our farms then, as well as for the sale, are used to supply the kitchen of the restaurant of the Borgo, which uses the excellent raw material to provide our guests a real sensorial experience.

Sale of raw products

Organic Wheat and Cereals

Organic Leguminous Plants

Organic forage

Organic Animals

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