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The restaurant of the Tenuta di Borgo Santa Cecilia is an excellence in Gubbio, and is characterized by the calm and elegant atmosphere and the quality of food served.


The raw materials used are almost all self-produced in the territory of our Estate, through organic farming, pig farms and lambs in the wild. In addition to the roe deer, hares, pheasants and wild boars, game that populates the area surrounding the Borgo.


The rest of the products are purchased from neighboring farms, such as cheese, produced by Raimondo, a Sardinian shepherd, who carries on this activity that his family has been carrying out for 3 generations.


The pride of our restaurant are the ham of Borgo that manages to reach even 6 years of aging, unique not only in Gubbio, but in Italy.


The restaurant’s kitchen is in the hands of Alessio Pierini, a young chef from Gubbio, who after studying at the ALMA, the school of Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, and working in kitchens of starred restaurants and Italian and European luxury hotels, returns to his hometown, to offer his experience and create real dishes, full of knowledge, but with a genuine taste.

In the dining room Giuseppe Onorato, a young Sommelier lover of good living and good drinking, who, in addition to telling the dishes, suggests the best wines to match the chosen courses.


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